>ND Precision Rifle brings shooting sports and competitions to our local community<

ND Precision Rifle was started in 2018. We are based out of Williston, ND.

NDPR offers PRS style long range shooting competitions for both short action Centerfire and 22LR Rimfire.

Notice- NDPR Centerfire and Rimfire matches are open to all shooters. Shooters do NOT need to be an NDPR member to shoot at our matches.

We are extremely blessed to be supported by Painted Woods Sporting Range, where we host all of our matches. Painted Woods is a premier gun range located about 10 miles west of Williston and is on County Road One, just off of Hwy 2. Painted Woods also offers rifle & pistol ranges and for shotguns, they have a challenging 10 station sporting clay course, trap and 5 stand. Address – 5050 145th Ave NW

When We started, we were only doing 1 to 2 matches a year.  In 2022 we started offering monthly summer matches and now for 2023, we started a monthly match Series.

NDPR is the only local group that offers monthly (March thru September) PRS style long range shooting competitions for both centerfire (Saturday) and rimfire (Sunday) matches within in a 200+ mile radius of Williston, ND.

For 2023/2024, along with our own NDPR centerfire points series matches, we will also be hosting a few matches for Western Precision Rifle Series points race, and along with our own NDPR22 rimfire series, we are also hosting matches for the Precision Rimfire Outlaw Series points race.

NDPR is also tied into a couple of other area single-event centerfire matches that allow shooters to compete at those matches and still be scored/points for the NDPR Series.

Aside from our short action Open Division matches, we will be also hosting at least one match this year that will be a 223/5.56 only match. These matches are primarily designed around the AR-15/DMR platform, but we do allow 223 bolt guns with max barrel length of 20 inches for the Tactical Division, And for for all other .223 rifles with barrels over 21 inches, they will be classed in the Open Division. Everyone is also limited to max weight of 77gr projectiles. These matches are personally my favorite.

For our Centerfire matches, We have 8 designated stages with many barricades & obstacles with 7 stages engaging at approx. 300, 400, 500, 600 & 700 yards and our long range stage at 900, 1100, 1250 & 1400 yard target engagements with challenging terrain variations and 15+ mph wind that makes our matches plenty challenging even for the best of competitors.

And for our NDPR22 Rimfire matches, for 2023/2024, we have a completely separate range, where we newly updated 7 designated stages with their own barricades & obstacles where we are engaging from 50 to 150 yards, 100 to 300 yards & and our long range stage at 350+ yards, with the same challenging terrain and winds. 

Many people travel 2 to 3+ hours to come to our competitions which allows for great comradery, making new friends and building upon the importance of the shooting sports and like minded people.

In 2022, Shane Myers took over from Vice President to President and is also the head match director.  I donate hundreds of hours to NDPR because I know how important it is to have an organized & safe place to shoot and especially a place that offers helpful training and friendly competitions. Our goal has always been and will continue to be, is to work on bringing new shooters in to the fold.

For the 2023/2024 Series, We will be having TWO Finales this in August of 2024. NDPR Centerfire Finale in AUGUST (TBD), and NDPR Rimfire Finale in AUGUST (TBD). Each Finale will be capped at 60 shooters per day/Finale.

Check out the match schedules dates for both Centerfire and Rimfire tabs with links to register on Practiscore. To join the NDPR Series and get counted for the Finales, go to the Join/members tab.

To see more info on our monthly matches, go to the match pages and click on the underscored date, it will take you directly to Practiscore.com, where you can also register for match. Or go to Practiscore.com, Click on clubs tab, type 58801 in the search bar, and then click on ND PRECISION RIFLE.


To join us for Wednesday night Summer practice and training, click on the Events tab.

We hope to see you out there…

best regards,
President and Match Director
Shane Myers