2023 NDPR Match Rules
1.   Points/Class ranking tiers
 1st Class > Expert/Master
 Expert > scores 80% to 100% of match winner
 Master ranking is also based off of hit ratio
 To reach Master ranking you must have 3 match wins with hit ratios 85% or above.
2nd Class > Rifleman/Marksman
 Marksman scores 60% to 79.9% of match winner
 Rifleman is scored below 59.9%
2.   Everyone must signs waivers at sign-in
3.   Score Sheets
 Designate your Squad leaders
 You Need to fill out name, date, page # & squad #
 Time remaining must be recorded after each shooter…
 Be sure Tally your score subtotals after each stage so I don’t have to waste more of your time after the match…
 The Time remaining must be recorded
 All Ties will be broken by time averaged from all 8 stages. Who ever has the most time remaining is the winner.
 If your time Remaining is not recorded, you will lose the tie breaker place and you can blame your score keeper.
Ladies and Youth Ages 14 to 17
 Will be allowed an additional 90 sec. per stage (total 5 min.)
 Squad the children as adults to keep squad times equal. Please No more than 2 children per squad.
4.   Gun safety
 When the shooter is engaging the COF
 Make sure bolts are open and back as you move from barricade to barricade
 If your are shooting a semi-auto, make sure your weapon is on safe as you move…
 When Guns are idle, be sure Bolts are open and Magazines are out of rifles.
 Use chambers Flags if you got one.
 Please make sure All rifles are staged together and pointing downrange if possible.
 Muzzle Flagging will not be tolerated and will be cause for disqualification..
 Anyone who sees an unsafe act or conduct can call a cease fire at anytime…
 Contact the M/D if there’s any issues.

ADs>Accidentel Discharges & NDs> Negligent Discharge
 If an N/D happens while you are moving from barricade to barricade you will be disqualified from the match.
If the N/D happens while you are staged on the barricade, this will be cause for disqualification.
 If an N/D happens while and you are NOT staging for the stage/ COF you will be disqualified from the match…
 ADs> If the rifle has misfired because mechanical failure please contact match director.
5. Gear and Tripod usage
 Your rifle, ammo, bags, tripod and other gear must be carried From stage to stage for the duration of the match. Including Pistol and ammo.
 You rifle, support bags and tripods must be carried from the cone/ starting point for each stage. There is NO prestaging these items.
You can NOT lock your rifle into the Arca rail or hog saddle of the tripod for support, unless there is a specific stage that designates that…
 If your are caught locking your rifle into your tripod you will forfeit your points for that stage…
 [6 ] Squads
 Here at NDPR/ we do heavily encourage the spotter to call wind and shot corrections
 for each shooter in your squad. Please work as a team.
 Please take a few pictures of your squad at each stage if you have time.
[7 ] For the Men Division, there will be NO pre-gaming stages at any WPR/NPDR matches. Unless this is your first match ever. Ladies and youth can pre-stage.


[ ] Notice- no mulligans for the Finale
[ ] Mulligans
Are $20 for one stage only
 It must be used on the stage your currently at, if you feel you shot that stage poorly…
 you are NOT allowed to go back and shoot your worst stage after the match…
 Cross out your stage number and mark your mulligan with an M and write your stage number next to the mulligan score box.  You must shoot every stage.
 Your mulligan is not to be used to cancel out a stage…
8. Pistol stage (COF is 10rds)
 6rds at dueling tree, 4rds at IPSC target

NDPR will supply a pistol and ammo
 $10 fee if you did not bring your own Pistol and ammo